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Want to succeed in Business?

Play Poker.

Smart. Playful. Educational.

Team development, rethought - a new approach

Those who play learn better.


Poker is not only an entertaining and exciting game - it can do much more. You and your employees will integrate your newly acquired poker knowledge into your everyday working life from the next working day on.


The benefits of play have been recognized for centuries: It ranges from discovery through trial and error to conflict resolution, fitting into a group, learning to lose, and being creative.

Easy learning

Games are used in many schools, e.g. in mathematics lessons or for language training. It has been shown that learning through play is a particularly effective method for learning new subjects.

Goal achievement

Practically all business-relevant business processes can be mapped on the poker table. The previously defined focus topics are then developed and presented individually or in groups.

What is your current topic?



Working better together in a mindful way



Make better decisions, more consciously



Get more success through poker strategies



Dealing with defeat more positively



logical Skill Training

Top managers do understand the logic of the game within minutes and are far more successful in the long term in assessing their opponents at the poker table than others.

They weigh investment and return more quickly and precisely, often take a more analytical approach, and react less emotionally to important decisions. Conversely, many successful poker players are often excellent business people even after their poker careers are over.



A successful player doesn't always win at poker - but he earns more with good cards and loses less money with bad cards than a mediocre player.


And that's what makes the difference, ensuring that you achieve your goals sustainably in the long run.


Reflection on decisions made - whether right or wrong - is a central component of long-term success at the poker table.




Who are the employees: age, education, job? How do they work (together)?



What should be achieved? What should be changed?


Together with the emotions experienced, the poker workshop will be remembered for a long time.

Workshop Pictures

Six basic pieces of advice from the poker table for your next meeting:

  1. Know the rules and your exact goal/target!

  2. Do the reality check: How strong are you really?

  3. 3. Who is your opponent?

  4. 4. Act correctly by regarding all facts. Now.

  5. 5. Be prepared for the final.

  6. 6. Listen to your stomach: Both at the poker table as well as in business negotiations.