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Team PokerAcademy

We are at those places where people like to be.
We are players and we are living our passion.


Our core competence lies in the organization of workshops and events that leave their mark. Our many years of experience guarantee the best information, preparation and execution of the events.

Claudia Chinello

Founder of PokerAcademy, course instructor, business economist, poker and business coach, multipreneur. JCI Europe Certified Trainer. Training as a croupier at the Casino Pfäffikon SZ.


Focus topics: Values, team behavior and team development.

Reto Fischer

Founder of Fischer Spielevents, the main business partner of PokerAcademy.


Chess and Business Poker coach, political scientist, chess player, course leader for Jass courses and croupier for all casino games.

Sandro Naimo

Supports the PokerAcademy since April 2023 as an office manager, after he has already been many years as a dealer and croupier at our Poker and BlackJack tables.


The trained businessman can look back on a great experience in the event industry.


The adult educator and teacher will actively support us in the back office and at events from January 2024.


Thanks to her extensive experience in work organization, she will bring us to an even more efficient organizational level in the office. We look forward to a good and value-adding collaboration!

Martin «Potti» Pott

Poker pro and TV commentator.

Poker and Backgammon Coach.


With a great passion for the game, a lot of heart, mind and priceless experience, Martin Pott runs online and offline Poker Nights. He is still in action as a commentator at various tournaments.


Focus topics: Body Language and Poker Strategies.

Roger Gertschen

Roger Gertschen has been playing poker for many years, has a lot of online and live experience and has been working at the PokerAcademy as a course instructor and poker coach since the end of 2020.


Focus topics: Personality development, poker, personal mindset

We employ only reliable employees who have fun and enjoy their work. We are young (or young at heart), mentally agile and active. Even within the internal team we are there for each other and act honestly, respectfully and fairly at all times.

Our strengths are our passion, interest in our work and our willingness to do extraordinary things. We offer a service of the highest quality, acting competently, charmingly and humanely.

We maintain a good relationship with our competitors at all times and see them as an enriching challenge and not as competition. We are happy to work with companies in the same industry if we feel that the client would be better served by other solutions.


Reto Sch.

Nicole F.




















Chris F.



Christian K.


Christian Z.






Martin B.


Reto Sch.







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We often forget to say thank you.


And the past months have shown me once again how important it is to have valuable people around you who are there for you in good times as well as bad.


Therefore here quite explicitly:


Thank you for stepping in as a matter of course when there is a need, for keeping appointments without hesitation and for the fact that I can always rely on you. The PokerAcademy lives through you and thanks to you.


You are part of the admin team of the PokerAcademy and even if you are 100% busy with your coaching for people with problem dogs right now, I am very happy to know you still "on board". Thank you for all the phone work during the lockdown and for the fact that a part of your heart continues to beat for the PokerAcademy.

Reto Fischer

You have been with us at our events since the beginning and since 2019 you have been a great asset with your company Fischer Spielevents. Thank you for your time and energy and for always being a great sparring partner for me.

Urs «Our iron reserve»

You are either on the lake, on your bike or running a marathon. You're giving legal advice or making investments, helping out at the Christmas market or driving a free TixiTaxi. But when all else fails and we need another man, you are there. Thank you for being so uncomplicated and flexible and thank you for the friendship.

Reto «the twin», Claudio,

Markus, Jens, Chris F.

In 2020 we had to find new solutions and go new ways. You were not only live always reliable cooperation partners, but also actively supported me in the implementation of our new online product. A company can only be as good as the employees help to promote it, and you did that with a lot of know-how and valuable input. Thanks for the super cool online poker nights!

Chantal, Roger, Dundee, Martin,
Laetitia, Chris, Albert

Thank you for joining - or rejoining - the PokerAcademy team. I am very much looking forward to all upcoming events!

Jérémy, Julien, Karim, Amélie,
Nicolas, Iannis, Yannick

Vous êtes notre team dans la Suisse romande et vous nous aidez toujours à rendre heureux les clients francophones. Merci pour votre soutien, votre charme et votre grande orientation vers les clients. Pour nous, le Röstigraben n'existe définitivement pas.

Dominik, Filip, Melek, Fede, Nicole,

Sandro, Neri, Ray, Kevin

Poker is our passion. And it's precisely this positive energy that you infect our business customers with at our events. Do you actually know that there are customers who still rave about you by name even after years because you were their coaches at the gaming tables? You belong to the heart of the PokerAcademy. Thank you very much for that - you are indispensable!

Stefano, Dina, Christian Z., Manuela,

Patrick, Bashi, Remo, Tülin,

Stephanie, Niko, Reto aus Biel,

CharlIE, Dani, Evgeni, Nicolas, Jonas

Sometimes more, sometimes less we were on the road in the past time. And as soon as we worked together again, the feeling of trust and friendship was immediately there again. Thank you for being available from time to time for events or spontaneous assignments, even after months or even years. You are important!